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When you crack open a Bronze Age Mystery Comic Box, you’ll uncover a diverse range of comic book titles, characters, and story arcs that capture the essence of that unique period in comic book history. These boxes typically contain a mix of superhero comics, horror tales, science fiction adventures, and more. You might stumble upon key issues featuring characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Hulk, or the Fantastic Four. Some boxes even include rare variants, first appearances, and crossover events, making each unboxing a suspenseful journey into the past.

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‘Buy Now’ Bronze Age Mystery Comic Box

Bronze Age Mystery Comic Boxes are an exciting and nostalgic way for comic book enthusiasts and collectors to discover hidden treasures from the iconic Bronze Age of comics, which spanned from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s. These specially curated boxes contain a selection of vintage comic books from that era, with the specific titles and issues often remaining a delightful mystery until the box is opened. The Bronze Age of comics was marked by ground-breaking storytelling, the emergence of antiheroes, and iconic character developments, making these mystery boxes a thrilling adventure for fans of this era.

     All Comics are Bagged and Boarded
     Comics, checked for quality
     No Duplication’s
     Key ’50’ Promise (What’s This?)

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32 reviews for ‘Buy Now’ Bronze Age
Mystery Comic Box

  1. Baz Taylor (verified owner)

    Awesome box!! Condition a little lower on some titles…but come on! Some of these are close to 40 years old but still in great collectable and readable condition 6.0 upwards. In my opinion one of the best boxes they sell.

  2. Stuart Harding (verified owner)

    Cant get enough of these boxes. They sell out quicker than I can add them to my cart. For the amount and quality of comics you get, they are cheep at twice the price!! Cant wait for them to be back in stock

  3. Ryan Read (verified owner)

    Great box, some nice old titles in there! And not bad condition for their age. Worth the money thats for sure.

  4. Kewell (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Wasn’t expecting these comics to be in the greatest of shape but wow they were fantastic. Will definitely buy again when there in stock

  5. darkesthaven (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the content – got a couple of Daredevil in the last box which filled gaps in my collection – varied selection with mostly Marvel and DC – Books in good condition will definitely buy again (already have).

  6. lmel (verified owner)

    Great selection of comics, and all good quality considering the age, will deffo buy again.

  7. lmel (verified owner)

    Another great selection of Marvel/DC comics in this box, varied titles and again the condition is good for the age.

  8. Paul s. (verified owner)

    Bronze is my favorite box – usually a good mix of marvel and DC with a few others – this box was mostly Marvel including a couple of Daredevil and Captain America issues which I needed to fill gaps in my personal collection I have bought a few bronze boxes and always had good value plus the enjoyment/excitement of not knowing what you are going to get

  9. Leslie Mckenzie (verified owner)

    Loved this box, can’t wait to buy more

  10. Peter Towns (verified owner)

    Great value, brilliant books! Recommended

  11. Slaine Browne (verified owner)

    Can’t argue at the price of box or value of comics.
    You get exactly what you paid for, though once in a while your heart might jump because there will be that one comic in there you thought you would never see.
    E.g. after flicking through the box and thinking ‘not bad’ I was shocked to see Moon Knights second solo appearance at the bottom of the box. That one issue alone is worth the price.

  12. gerald nugent (verified owner)

    Great condition comics-but to many DC comics some interesting some not so

  13. Douglas S. (verified owner)

    Great mystery box. Loved it.

  14. Darren (verified owner)

    Fantastic content and value for money!

  15. John G. (verified owner)

    Great value bundle of comics, definitely buy again

  16. Aaron (verified owner)

    A really great selection of issues across Marvel and DC. Key issues feature as well, Marvel Spotlight issues and regular Keys in runs. Great time for comics in which it is hard to nail down specific series, this box opens up a wide range. Excellent condition, bagged and boarded. Very happy, will certainly pick another up.

  17. Aaron Earle (verified owner)

    The number one box for me, a fantastic era for comics for Marvel, DC and independent publishers. The Bronze age box sources the usual like Avengers, Iron man etc with Wonder Woman, Detective comics and much more from DC. I always say this is a box for comic lovers or people getting involved in comics for the first time. The value is excellent, the quality is excellent and the stories within will always be excellent.

  18. Scott Renshaw (verified owner)

    Purchased after seeing Facebook ad – was not disappointed and will buy again 🙂

  19. CLIVE TURNER (verified owner)

  20. Gerald Nugent (verified owner)

    A couple of comics were a bit naff but the rest were fantastic loved them and the price was very reasonable

  21. Gerald Nugent (verified owner)

    Wonderful box of comics very pleased with it will use again 100 percent

  22. gerald nugent (verified owner)

    Love these Bronze Age comic boxes it brings back loads of memories and long may they continue

  23. Leonard Thomas (verified owner)

    Spoke to Shaun as interested in Bronze package to boost gaps in collection. Absolutely delighted all round, great service, prompt delivery and a nice mix of mags. Packaged well and kept informed throughout . Highly recommend 5 star

  24. Lee Dellbridge (verified owner)

    Fantastic box of great comics…I got a key issue too in Savage She-Hulk #9 which I’m thrilled by as she is my favourite. Definitely buying again next month!

  25. Byron Thompson (verified owner)

  26. Davis Sinclair (verified owner)

    Overall happy. First time ordering one of your bronze age comic mystery boxes and a good selection

  27. Scott D. (verified owner)

    Fantastic mix of comics. Highly recommended 👌

  28. Jeff Deakin (verified owner)

    Lovely box of comics, well worth the money and the extended time I took to browse the goods 🙂

  29. Gerald Nugent (verified owner)

    Wonderful comics

  30. Andrew Scothern (verified owner)

    Awesome Selection was well happy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ was received well packaged. Will definitely buy from again.

  31. Chris Mann (verified owner)

    Great service love this store will definitely be back for more

  32. Jeff Deakin (verified owner)


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