Comic Box UK is your number one website for mystery comic boxes. We provide the UK fans with comics from specific era’s or titles. Over the past few years we have evolved our products to feature special offer character or publisher specific promo boxes. We introduced Graded Comics onto the website and now offer 3 or 6 month payment plans as we believe in making sure everyone can afford their favourite graded comic books. In 2023 we are planning on added a new product line of supplies, with bags and boards being our first new product of 2023.

We are a family run business with Dad doing most of the work, Mum in charge of sending and the kids help to choose the comics for the boxes.

  • Comics, checked for quality
  • No Duplications’ from the same box
  • Tracked or Non Tracked Postage
  • Sent from the UK
  • Mystery Subscription Comic Box

Our #1 Employee’s

Name: Maddox

Age: 11

Favourite Comic Character: Deadpool
Favourite Comic: New Mutants 98 (Obvs)
Favourite Comic Movie: Avengers EndGame

Maddox has been reading comics since he was 4 and as much as he enjoys the cinematic Marvel Universe , Maddox still prefers to read a comic.

Maddox helped develop this website and is always looking at ways to keep customers happy by including really cool comics in the mystery boxes.

Maddox will also be choosing the first 5 key issue comics to be included in our Key 50 Promise. He will also be contributing to our Blog, so keep an eye out for his posts.

Our #1 Employee’s

Name: Lexus

Age: 9

Favourite Comic Character: Captain Marvel & Supergirl
Favourite Comic: DC SuperHero Girls
Favourite Comic Movie: Avengers EndGame

Lexus is newer to the comic world, but has caught the bug quickly. On a recent visit to the USA she picked up all the editions of DC SuperHero Girls and she was hooked.

Lexus also helped develop this website and most of the artwork was her idea. She is a massive Fan of the Superhero Girls cartoon.

Lexus will be involved in the website by overseeing some of our blog posts as well as helping pack and secure the comics ready for shipping.