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Unlock the action-packed universe of Valiant Comics with our exclusive Valiant Mystery Comic Box, where you can immerse yourself in 10 meticulously chosen comics for an unbeatable price of just £11, with the added bonus of free shipping. Valiant Comics has etched its name in the annals of comic book history by offering a rich tapestry of interconnected characters and narratives that rival the complexity and depth of any superhero universe. This mystery box serves as your personal gateway into the thrilling exploits of iconic heroes like Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and the Harbingers. Each comic is a carefully concealed secret, ready to unfold epic tales of valor, betrayal, and redemption. Perfect for die-hard fans and newcomers alike, this collection is designed to showcase the best of Valiant’s groundbreaking storytelling and breathtaking art.

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Exclusive VALIANT Mystery Comic Box

Furthermore, when you embark on this adventure with the Valiant Mystery Comic Box, you’re not just getting a treasure trove of storytelling brilliance; you’re also tapping into an extraordinary offer: buy 4 boxes and get 1 free! This is the ultimate deal for collectors and enthusiasts eager to delve deep into the Valiant Universe, providing a golden opportunity to vastly expand your collection without stretching your wallet. Imagine the anticipation and excitement of exploring your favorite Valiant narratives, with the added thrill of discovering new stories and characters along the way. Each box is a realm of possibility, brimming with heroes and villains battling across the pages of Valiant’s most compelling series. Seize this chance to join the ranks of Valiant aficionados and let these mystery boxes reveal the untold wonders of a universe where every comic is a key to another world.

     Comics, checked for quality
     No Duplication’s
     Key ’50’ Promise (What’s This?)

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2 reviews for Mystery VALIANT
Comic Box Special Offer

  1. Simon Elmore (verified owner)

    As a bit of a Valiant newbie, this was a great way to get some introductions to some key characters and pick up a couple of older books. I have bought another one already 🙂

  2. johnbfreaney (verified owner)

    A good way to fill gaps, would love to see some early Solar

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